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The Getaway Gift Shop

The Getaway Gift Shop in Bradleyville is now closed.  We are only doing online and phone orders.  Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions you might have.

Contact Info:                  Getaway Gift Shop
                                        P.O. Box 109
                                        Bradleyville, MO 65614 

Did you know we offer free shipping on orders of $100.00 or more! 

Do something Special for the people you love!

We believe the key to beautiful skin is caring for it with pure, wholesome ingredients. We craft soaps from soothing goat’s milk, virgin olive oil (and in some formulas emu oil) and pure spring water in our shop. All of the products we recommend are products that we use ourselves. We use goat’s milk cream and virgin oils in our soaps and lotions because your skin easily absorbs these ingredients and improves nearly instantly.

Every step of our process-from selecting premium ingredients to creating a new fragrance ensures that you receive a product unlike anything available in an average store. Our soaps and lotions add a bit of luxury to your life, with soothing scents and rich moisture. They will make your skin more radiant – even if it’s been damaged by sun, age, eczema or psoriasis. Because we use fresh, natural ingredients, our products offer relief for all types of skin!

 If you are looking for the perfect gift
for all those special people who make your life easier every day,
we have found it!

 Whether you want to say THANKS to your
someone you love or to someone who makes your life easier
(postman, gardener, hair dresser, auto mechanic, etc.,)
check out our wonderful scented artisan soaps.
This is a gift that smells so good, YOU will be remembered fondly for months.