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Goats Milk Guest Soap Bars with Olive Oil (appox. 1.5 oz )


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Our soaps are crafted with pride and dedication by artisans here in The USA. Our soaps are FREE OF sulfates, paraffin, petroleum and phosphate 3 which are commonly found in cheaper soaps. We offer unscented for sensitive skin as well as a wide variety of beautifully scented options that are sure to make your bathroom smell fabulous.

Goat's Milk is a key ingredient in our products that will clean and moisturize naturally due to the higher fat content. This is the one time in your life when high fat is good! We also add Extra Virgin Olive Oil, another wonderful, all natural skin care product. 

Our soaps will not dry your skin like most other soaps. Hand poured in the Ozarks using spring waters, fresh Goat's Milk, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, our bars are triple milled making them long lasting. 

When you choose your favorite motif, we will select your soaps especially for your from that grouping, some of which are shown on the website and other special designs are here in the shop! 

Remember to purchase extra bars of our wonderfully scented soaps and store them in your closets, dresser drawers and nestled in among your linens so you can enjoy the wonderful fragrances throughout your home.

Our artisan soaps make wonderful gifts for all the important people in your life.